How Twitter helped me FIX CORRUPTED JPEGS

Today, I woke up and sat down to begin my normal photo upload process: Insert card import images and EDIT… but not today. TODAY Windows, my sd card and my camera all got into a fight!!! TODAY the dreaded “SORRY CORRUPTED IMGS can not be displayed” happened. I knew that the images were showing on the camera last night when i reviewed them – why oh why did this happen? What was I to do???

I decided to call upon my resources (aka Cali Lewis @calilewis and my world of twitter followers). The word went out and the tweets were retweeted… 50 different suggestions came in! I Downloaded and tried them one by one – sadly, to no avail. They were all just restore/recovering deleted files and none were coming up with fixing the corrupted images solution.

Out of the masses a program arose the name PC Inspector… Could this be the solution? Would it take another 50 programs to breathe life into my pictures? No, sir. I have indeed found my savior to my digitial image dilemma! Slowly and steadily, it brought forth my corrupted images. It kept going and going and then BANG! They were all back. It may not be fast, but for recovery I will bet on the turtle every time!

This program just saved over 1000 corrupted images off of my sd card. It doesn’t just recover DELETED images, it pulled out CORRUPTED images from the sd card which is even harder to do!) If you have corrupted jpg images, I WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM! Did I mention it is FREE? I have yet to find a way to give them some money for what they have done for me. THESE PEOPLE DESERVE HUGE HUGS ONE AND ALL. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Special thanks to @rbitting, for he was the first in with the suggestion for this program.

Smart Recovery Version 4.5