David Weekly and Rebecca Lipon Wedding

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How we met
David and I met at our dear friend Kate’s Going-Away Dinner. David was coming from another event so he showed up after I had sat down, and it looked like he was going to sit at the other table. For some reason, that seemed like a terrible idea to me. From the minute he walked in the door with his warm smile and a huge hug for Kate, I felt an instantaneous desire to get to know him. So I pulled up an extra chair next to me at our table, hoping he would come sit there. He did, and I felt a bit shy for being uncharacteristicly forward, but David actually hadn’t noticed. The conversation at the table eventually turned to books and favorite authors, and I expressed how much I liked Neal Stephenson. Another gal at the table said that she liked some of his books, but really didn’t understand Cryptonomicon. Both David and I were intrigued. “What didn’t you understand?” we said nearly in unison, and then we found ourselves tag-teaming a description of public key cryptography. Somewhere in the course of the desciption, David asked me, “who are you?” and in my head I thought “I’m AWESOME!” We had our first date the next night, and have pretty much been inseparable since.